About Alta Smiles

Alta Smiles is a technology and services company transforming the delivery of orthodontic care. Our proprietary technologies provide solutions that patients have always wanted, which are more comfortable, concealed, efficient, and accessible than ever before.

C5 is the only completely hidden and comfortable braces solution available – and it doesn’t use brackets or aligners.

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Our fully supported collaborative solutions and clinical innovations enable orthodontists and dentists to confidently expand access to world-class care.

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Leading-edge orthodontic imaging solutions feature enhanced and efficient in-office diagnostics and remote patient monitoring.

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The Alta Smiles Difference

Utilizes leading-edge technology, including all digital 3D treatment planning technology altasmiles checkbox
Innovative remote monitoring technology makes in-person appointments fewer, faster, and more efficient altasmiles checkbox
Uses exclusive patented and patent-pending innovations altasmiles checkbox
Created a new category of orthodontic treatment to expand the pool of orthodontic patients altasmiles checkbox

What Patients Are Saying About C5 Hidden Orthodontics

Patients often say, “Why would anyone choose a treatment option other than C5 Hidden Orthodontics? Our answer: “They haven’t heard about it – yet!” See what else patients are saying about C5.

“I also considered getting braces, but I’m going into my senior year soon and I might not have had them off by then. I wanted a good portrait and didn’t want braces at the prom.

“With C⁵, there was no pain while my teeth were moving and my lifestyle wasn’t changed at all, so it was great.” –

“I chose C⁵ because I’m getting married in October and this was one of the quickest procedures to get my teeth straightened in that amount of time.” –

“Nobody could notice the wires at all, and it was totally comfortable. I love my new smile – just in time for my wedding!” —

“With aligners, I was off and on, and it was hard to stay committed to them. With C⁵, it’s always there, so you don’t have to think twice about it.” –

See What Patients Are Saying

Provider Testimonials

Dr. Lucas W. Shapiro, DDS
Wall Street Orthodontics

“C⁵ is awesome because it takes traditional orthodontic principles and techniques and modernizes them so that the patient can now have straighter teeth without traditional appliances. Plus, it has been very helpful in finishing stubborn

Dr. Michael Humphries, DMD
Maple Springs Dental

“There is a massive population of patients who need minor correction and don’t want to go into aligners because of the inconvenience. C⁵ is a unique, innovative treatment because it’s so simple and effective. You

Dr. Benjamin Cassalia, DMD, MSD
Cassalia Orthodontics

“It’s my experience that patients don’t need to be sold on a completely hidden orthodontic solution that is comfortable and requires no patient compliance. That’s exactly what they want. It’s the reason I have a

Dr. Anh Duong, DMD
Lavender Smiles

“Being an ALTA SMILES Certified Provider allows me to provide high-quality, innovative orthodontic care to my patients. Their collaborative team of orthodontists provides a seamless patient care experience, all in my practice’s very comfortable and

Dr. John Reckner, DMD, MAGD
Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart Dental Associates

“In our practice, we see hundreds of C⁵ patients each year, with a high degree of patient satisfaction. Patients prefer C⁵ for a variety of reasons – the fact that it’s totally hidden, super comfortable, and

Dr. Amanda Franks, DMD
King of Prussia, PA

“One of the many things that I love about C⁵ is that patients readily embrace it. C⁵ is a standalone treatment option, but it also can be used to reduce time in traditional braces or

Why Providers Are Choosing C5

  • Patients appreciate a no-maintenance, hidden option and you'll see an increase in orthodontic treatment
  • C5 is preferred over other options because it's completely concealed, comfortable, and maintenance-free
  • Adds a high-value procedure with reasonable chair time
  • Allows you to treat with confidence backed by Alta Smiles' best-in-class support
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