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Welcome to ALTA SMILES – Enjoy a Higher Level of Orthodontics!

Everyone deserves high-quality, affordable orthodontic care. You’ll find that at ALTA SMILES located in Abington, PA, and so much more.

Our caring, friendly, and well-trained staff are here to provide a pleasurable orthodontic experience for adults and children. Our state-of-the-art technologies and efficient processes mean faster treatments and fewer appointments – up to 50% faster than other orthodontic offices.*

To experience a higher level of orthodontic care, contact us and book a complimentary consultation today at our Abington office! We’re here to make you smile.

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Braces & Discreet Invisalign® Alternatives in Abington, PA!

ALTA SMILES of Abington is located on Easton Road, at the intersection with Arlington Avenue.


1260 Easton Road
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Our Abington office also serves Roslyn, Ardsley, Dresher, Willow Grove, Glenside, Bryn Athyn, Fort Washington, and surrounding communities.

Each affiliated office is independently doctor-owned and operated. Jay Freedman, DDS & Associates PC

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Treatments for All Ages

Our treatments are designed with you in mind, and we carefully evaluate your unique case to determine the right method to achieve your best smile.

At ALTA SMILES, you’ll discover how our exclusive, leading-edge technology leads to…


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Patient Testimonials

We go above and beyond to provide exceptional orthodontic care! But don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of our patients say about their ALTA SMILES experience.

“I chose C⁵ because I’m getting married in October and this was one of the quickest procedures to get my teeth straightened in that amount of time.” –

“Nobody could notice the wires at all, and it was totally comfortable. I love my new smile – just in time for my wedding!” —

“With aligners, I was off and on, and it was hard to stay committed to them. With C⁵, it’s always there, so you don’t have to think twice about it.” –

“I also considered getting braces, but I’m going into my senior year soon and I might not have had them off by then. I wanted a good portrait and didn’t want braces at the prom.

“With C⁵, there was no pain while my teeth were moving and my lifestyle wasn’t changed at all, so it was great.” –

Meet One of the Providers of ALTA SMILES in Abington


Dr. Jay Freedman, DDS

“I decided to become an ALTA SMILES provider because I truly enjoy creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Helping my patients achieve their ideal smile can positively impact their lives and is extremely rewarding. With ALTA SMILES, I’m able to provide patients ‘a higher level of orthodontics’ with high-tech equipment, a variety of treatments for children and adults, and a collaborative team approach.”  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth are more than simply a cosmetic feature-they are an essential part of our anatomy. Better nutrition, confidence, and general wellness are all linked to healthy and correctly aligned teeth.

Misaligned and crooked teeth can be uncomfortable and harmful to your general health. In addition to reducing self-esteem and causing social anxiety, crooked teeth might cause your bite to change over time, affecting your facial symmetry. Misaligned teeth are prone to chipping and grinding damage as well.

Patients with crooked teeth, underbites, and overbites have more alternatives than ever before. At ALTA SMILES, our skilled orthodontists and dentists can help you achieve a beautiful smile with customized orthodontic treatment.

We provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments for people of all ages. Click on each treatment name to learn more about how it works.

ALTA SMILES' contemporary metal braces entail affixing metal brackets to the teeth using dental glue. The brackets are then secured using a flexible metal wire. By applying minimal pressure to the jaw, this flexible wire guides your teeth into their proper alignment.

Braces have been used for many years, but today's brackets are smaller, wires are more pliable, and materials are more hygienic. Self-ligating wires in modern braces snap in effortlessly, reducing friction, treatment time, and pain. As your teeth change, your orthodontist will see you on a regular basis to monitor your progress and adjust your braces.

Braces are positioned in front of your teeth and are visible when you speak and smile. Fortunately, the application and adjusting procedures are almost painless. Patients deal with little discomfort after adjustments as their teeth move.

Depending on the extent of the correction required, braces are often worn for one to three years. You may clean and floss your teeth twice a day while wearing braces. Patients must avoid sticky and gritty meals that may become trapped around their brackets or adhere to their wires.

Because braces are so safe and effective, almost all patients with misaligned teeth are suitable candidates for them.

Clear Braces
Clear braces serve the same purpose as typical metal braces, but they are translucent. Your orthodontist will still attach brackets to your teeth and utilize wires to correct your smile, but they will be less apparent than metal braces.

Clear braces are made of a see-through ceramic material that is equally strong and effective as metal braces. They employ thinner brackets and a novel snap-in technology that enables your orthodontist to make modifications more rapidly.

Those with transparent braces should avoid sticky and gritty foods that might adhere to or harm their brackets, just like those with traditional braces. Patients are free to brush their teeth as they normally would.

We don't need to use elastic bands to engage the wire since we utilize modern-style brackets. This way, we can protect your dental health.

Clear braces are beneficial for patients of all ages, although older adolescents and adults prefer them since they are less visible than metal braces.

C5 Hidden Orthodontics
C5 Concealed Orthodontics is an entirely hidden lingual orthodontic solution accessible only at ALTA SMILES. Because the wires are implanted on the back of your teeth, they are absolutely invisible when you smile or speak. Clear braces and aligners, while inconspicuous, are nonetheless apparent.

A dental bonding substance is used to attach the C5 Super-flex wires to the back of your teeth. You won't feel the wire since it will be smoothly sealed over your teeth, preventing protrusions that will irritate your tongue or gums. C5 Hidden Orthodontics does not force you to avoid meals that are extremely crunchy or sticky. It takes little maintenance other than brushing twice a day and flossing as usual.

This orthodontic treatment usually takes six to nine months to complete. C5 Hidden Orthodontics is a cosmetic procedure that is primarily successful for mild to moderate tooth misalignment, making it ineffective for people who require bite correction. Adults who received braces as children but have had some alignment regression make good candidates for it. In most cases, C5 Orthodontics is less costly than invisible aligners.

C5 for Teens
Teens can also benefit from C5 Hidden Orthodontics. Metal braces are noticeable when you smile, and transparent aligners necessitate a strict brushing regimen after eating and drinking anything other than water. C5, on the other hand, is fully invisible and requires no maintenance.

Because there are no visible brackets that might trap food, C5 Hidden Orthodontics simply require twice-daily brushing. Furthermore, because the wire is sealed and connected to the back of the teeth, there is no chance of injury or need for a specialized mouth guard if you enjoy sports.

C5, unlike transparent aligners, does not induce lisping or impaired speech, which might induce self-consciousness in young patients.

Clear Aligners
Clear aligners are removable aligners that are custom-fit to your teeth and utilize moderate force to shift teeth into alignment instead of brackets and wires. Because they are hard but flexible, aligners are practically unnoticeable and more painless than braces. However, success with aligners necessitates wearing them for 22 hours every day.

ALTA SMILES customizes aligners for each patient using 3D digital imagery. You will be given a new pair of aligners every one to two weeks as your teeth change. The overall number of aligners required will be determined by the level of your misalignment when treatment begins. To obtain optimal results, some individuals require up to 24 months of therapy with clear aligners.

Aligners improve dental hygiene since they may be removed, brushed and flossed without wires or brackets blocking your teeth, then reapplied. To prevent discoloration, you must clean your teeth after eating or drinking anything other than water, though.

Aligners don't necessitate any dietary limitations because you may remove them whenever you wish to eat or drink.

We provide high-quality orthodontic care by developing treatment plans, tracking your progress, and showcasing your success utilizing the most recent digital imaging technology.

When you come to see us, we will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your teeth. C5 Hidden Orthodontics is available only at our office in the Philadelphia region.

Not only do we provide excellent outcomes, but we also try to make every appointment at our orthodontic facilities as efficient and stress-free as possible for every patient we meet.

If you are unable to visit one of our convenient locations, we encourage new patients to schedule a video consultation with us at their leisure.

The overall cost of your braces will be determined by the type you select, the degree of your misalignment, and the length of time you must wear them. During your complimentary appointment, we will provide you with a full price and explain your treatment options.

The nature of your misalignment, the type of treatment procedure you need, and your orthodontic objectives will all influence our suggestions. Our fees cover all of our materials and high-tech equipment, your routine and emergency visits, and your first set of retainers.

We work with a variety of insurance companies to optimize your coverage. Our experts can verify your eligibility and coverage to ensure that you receive all of the applicable benefits you deserve. We also provide various payment options.

Braces without insurance cost more than $6,000 on average in Philadelphia. You will not, however, pay anything close to that amount at ALTA SMILES, where our costs are regularly lower than the average amount stated at other orthodontic offices. A free consultation with us is the best way to get an exact estimate and learn about the numerous treatment options available at ALTA SMILES.

Children's braces are only covered by CHIP if the patient has a serious dental misalignment that interferes with their speech, eating, or breathing. To cover orthodontics, CHIP needs evidence of that diagnosis as well as prior authorization. Braces will not be covered for aesthetic reasons.

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are typically less expensive than braces. At other providers, the average patient pays close to $6,000 for Invisalign procedures. ALTA SMILES locations have much lower aligner treatment costs. The real cost of your treatment will depend on the severity of your misalignment and the time and materials required to fix it.