Are Lingual Braces Right for Me?

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Do you want straighter teeth, but don’t like the look of metal braces? Fortunately, orthodontic treatments have come a long way and lingual braces are a very discreet, nearly invisible option. They work behind the scenes (literally!) as they are fixed to the back of your teeth, on the tongue side. We detail the pros and cons of lingual braces to help determine if they are right for you. While lingual braces are a novel option, discover a truly revolutionary lingual treatment: ALTA C5 Hidden OrthodonticsTM!

How Do Lingual Braces Work?

Adult demand for orthodontic treatments continues to grow, and 1 in 4 orthodontics patients is an adult. Since metal braces are not ideal for social and professional situations, lingual braces continue to gain popularity with adults. Today, two types of lingual options are used for orthodontic treatments. One type consists of brackets and wires, similar to traditional braces for comprehensive orthodontic treatment. However, it is more difficult to place lingual braces and many orthodontists don’t have that level of expertise.

The second type of lingual orthodontic treatment is similar to the conventional bracket and wire method. But it uses a flexible nickel-titanium wire to gently move the teeth. Small segments of the wire are secured directly to the rear of the teeth with bonding material. It is proven as an effective limited orthodontic treatment option to straighten the upper six and lower six anterior teeth. This is the group of teeth that mostly show when you smile.

C5 Hidden Orthodontics: Concealed, Custom & Comfortable

At ALTA SMILES, some of our providers have been fortunate to work with Dr. Cassalia extensively to offer the ALTA C5 Hidden OrthodonticsTM treatment. The 5 C’s stand for:

  • Concealed: It’s the ultimate solution for discreet orthodontics. Tiny super-flex wires are placed on the back of your teeth that no one will notice.
  • Custom: The treatment is customized to the teeth you want to be straightened.
  • Comfortable: The bonding material is smoothed over the wires that are a slight extension of the tooth’s surface and do not protrude. ALTA C5 Hidden Orthodontics is significantly more comfortable than other orthodontic systems.

Alta Smiles _C3 Hidden OrthoC5 Hidden Orthodontics

Lingual Braces vs. C5 Hidden Orthodontics

Pros of Bracket & Wire Lingual Braces Cons of Bracket & Wire Lingual Braces Pros of C5 Hidden OrthodonticsTM
·  Hidden behind the teeth

·  Can be used as a comprehensive treatment

·  Can correct malocclusion/
misaligned bite

·  You may have a slight lisp, which usually goes away with time

·  Brackets may cause soreness on the tongue when eating or speaking

·  Increased food traps and difficulty brushing/maintaining good hygiene

·  Most orthodontists do not offer lingual braces. When the do, the costs can be VERY high due to the complexity of the treatment.

·  Most discreet option with only a wire that is nearly invisible

·  Comfortable with a lightweight wire that won’t cause issues with speech or oral hygiene

·  Can achieve results quickly, typically within 4-8 months

·  Limited orthodontic treatment that can correct relapses and is used for minor to moderate tooth movement

Want to Align Your Teeth without Aesthetic Concerns?

If you want a straighter, more beautiful smile, ALTA C5 Hidden Orthodontics uses an innovative approach and the latest technology. And it gets high marks for being discreet, comfortable, and effective. To learn more about the difference ALTA C5 Hidden Orthodontics can make, schedule your free consultation today!