Clear Aligner Therapy

Are you looking for a comprehensive orthodontic option to straighten teeth and correct your bite that’s also very discreet? ALTA Aligner™ Therapy uses a series of clear plastic aligners to give you the smile you deserve. Clear aligners act like braces by using gradual force to move your teeth, but without the brackets and wires. Each tray is custom fabricated using 3D digital scans and the most advanced orthodontic technology.

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Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners do require some commitment, with needing to wear them for at least 22 hours each day and brushing your teeth after eating and drinking (except water). But they do offer you some flexibility and benefits over other orthodontic options.

  • Nearly invisible. Clear aligners are less noticeable than braces to discreetly move your teeth.
  • Advanced technology. We use the latest digital scanning innovations for impressions and aligner fabrication software.
  • Better oral health. Removable aligners allow you to completely clean each tooth with brushing and flossing without working around brackets.
  • More food options. Clear aligners are not worn when you eat or drink anything other than water, so you have the freedom to eat the food you prefer. You don’t have to worry about avoiding crunchy or sticky foods that might dislodge a bracket or get stuck in braces.
  • More comfort. Aligners are flexible and precisely fitted to your teeth.

A Personalized Approach to Your Clear Aligners Treatment

Following is the step-by-step process of what you can expect during your clear aligners treatment at an ALTA SMILES location.


The Initial Consultation

When you come in for a complimentary evaluation, we examine your teeth and discuss your concerns and goals. Our doctors will determine if you’re a good candidate for clear aligners.


Create a Digital 3D Model of Your Mouth

If you’re a candidate for clear aligners, we scan your teeth and bone structure using advanced 3D digital imaging – no more gooey impressions! The scanner we use produces a very precise digital model of your teeth, so we can design trays that will perfectly fit. The digital scan is quick, comfortable, and very high-tech!


Review Custom Plan & Pre-Treatment Next Steps

After your exam and diagnostic records are taken, we create a custom treatment plan to show you how you’ll get your ideal smile. We’ll tell you what to expect, provide the estimated length of treatment, and answer any questions you have. Once you approve the plan, a series of removable custom clear trays are created at our in-house lab or the SureSmile lab.


Watch Your Smile Transform

Throughout your treatment, you’ll change trays as instructed, typically every 1-2 weeks. You’ll see your smile start to transform! Your ALTA SMILES team will guide your treatment from start to finish. The number of trays needed and the length of your treatment depends on the severity of your case, but the estimated treatment times can vary from 3-24 months.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Smile for Life

After you finish wearing your final set of aligners, you’ll enjoy your beautiful, new smile! To get your teeth in the optimal position and prevent shifting, we’ll fit you for a custom retainer. We want your smile to last so that you can enjoy it for life.


Your Time Is Valuable

Our innovative processes make in-person appointments up to 50% faster (compared with traditional orthodontic practices)! And our patent-pending at-home smile tracking technology also means you’ll have far fewer in-person appointments.

Why Our Patients Love ALTA SMILES

Super friendly, reasonable, and flexible! I highly recommend!

Dana B.
I also considered getting braces, but I’m going into my senior year soon and I might not have had them off by then. I wanted a good portrait and didn’t want braces at the prom.

Nobody could notice the wires at all, and it was totally comfortable. I love my new smile – just in time for my wedding! — Alysha

Very clean and professional. Every time I go for my appointments it’s always pleasant. They are up to date with technology, and their prices are very good.

Attika V.
My experience at Alta smiles in King of Prussia was absolutely fabulous. Going to the dentist or orthodontist can be super intimidating and they completely exceeded my expectations. I went in to get a free

Jessica L.
I love that every step of the way my treatment was tailored to exactly what I needed. It was ‘this is what will work best for you and we’re going to switch up the plan.’

My twins dreaded getting braces but opened up to the idea when Dr. Franks said that we could do most of the treatment with C5 and then finish with braces. — John

I chose C5 because I’m getting married in October and this was one of the quickest procedures to get my teeth straightened in that amount of time. — Zachary

Amazing staff and cutting-edge technology in the field of orthodontics. We are so lucky we found this gem in our own backyard!

Tamara K.
Complimentary Consultation

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