Our patients lead busy lives and nobody wants to take time off from work or school to go to their orthodontist. That’s a hassle…

So we are only open the hours that are convenient for our patients. For your adjustment appointments you can count on getting – afternoon and evening times that work for you. Some of our offices are even open on weekends.


ALTA SMILES convenience vs. the competition

Most orthodontic offices are open regular business hours and some even have limited evening hours. But, ask their patients how often those appointments just aren’t available because everyone wants those times? When you’re missing work on a Tuesday morning because you couldn’t get the appointment you wanted at some other orthodontic office you’ll appreciate why Alta Smiles patients love our schedule.


Fast Appointments

We are committed to not over-scheduling patients, and our high-tech treatment approach makes our appointments as fast as possible. That means less time in the office and more time for you!


Multiple Locations

We are opening locations on a regular basis to make things as convenient as possible for our patients. Schedule a consultation at the one most convenient for you!