Invisible Braces for Teens with C5 Hidden Orthodontics™

Zero maintenance. Completely Hidden. Smile with 100% confidence! Our exclusive C5 Hidden Orthodontics treatment offers these benefits and so much more. C5 is a popular alternative for teens because it doesn’t use traditional braces or clear aligners. Think of C5 as invisible braces but without the bulky brackets and restrictions of traditional braces. It’s a completely hidden and comfortable lingual (behind-the-teeth) solution. This innovative treatment is the most discreet, low-maintenance orthodontic option available anywhere!

C5 Hidden Orthodontics™ Before C5 Hidden Orthodontics™ After

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What is C5™?


Not just discreet


Treatment tailored to each patient’s orthodontic needs


Save time with quick treatments and fewer in-person appointments.


Limited chair time needed


Treat with a fully supported solution

Benefits of C5 vs. Clear Aligners like Invisalign®

  • Completely invisible. C5 for Teens is a completely invisible braces-like solution since the wires are placed behind your teeth where no one will see them! While aligners like Invisalign® are clear, they are still noticeable.
  • Designed to fit your active life. If you play sports, you need a custom mouthguard to go over your braces or aligners. That can feel awkward and uncomfortable. With C5, the wires are so small and comfortable you can use a regular mouthguard and focus on the game.
  • Fix and forget it. Once your C5 orthodontic memory wires are placed, you don’t have to give them a second thought. Aligners require a lot of maintenance. You need to wear them 22 hours a day and remove them every time you eat or drink (anything except water). And because the C5 wires are bonded to your teeth, there’s no chance of you misplacing them (unlike aligners).
  • No need to carry a toothbrush. With aligners, you need to brush your teeth after every meal. Every flavored drink. Every snack. This means brushing your teeth several times a day. With C5, brush twice a day as you usually would.
  • Keep every part of your healthy teeth. Have you ever heard the term “interproximal reduction”? It’s a little-understood part of the clear aligner process where the sides of crowded teeth are shaved to create additional space. In the process, healthy tooth enamel is removed. C5 works with your teeth as they are and gently moves them into place.
  • No food restrictions. Like clear aligners, you can eat just about any food without worrying that you will dislodge a wire.
  • No speech issues. Aligners may cause a lisp, especially at first when you’re getting used to them. With C5, there’s no adjustment period, and you’ll barely notice they are there.

Before and After C5 Hidden Orthodontics™

Our patients have experienced superior results with C5 Hidden Orthodontics™. See the difference this treatment can make.

alta-smiles_c3-hidden-orthodontics_Case 2 Before
alta-smiles_c3-hidden-orthodontics_Case 2 After

Upper & Lower arches, 10 month treatment period

alta-smiles_c3-hidden-orthodontics_Case 3 Before
alta-smiles_c3-hidden-orthodontics_Case 3 After

Upper & Lower arches, 8 month treatment period

Case 5 Before_Edited

Upper space closure, 8 month treatment period

C5 Hidden Orthodontics Lingual Braces Before
C5 Hidden orthodontics lingual braces After

Upper Space Closure, 2 month treatment period

Getting Started with C5 for Teens

Following is the step-by-step process of what you can expect during your C3 treatment at an ALTA SMILES location.


Book an Initial Complimentary Consultation

To begin, we’ll schedule a quick 10-minute video call to get some initial snap shots of your teeth and discuss your goals. After our orthodontist reviews the images of your teeth, we’ll let you know if you’re a good candidate for C5 and provide a customized treatment plan. We’ll tell you what to expect, provide the estimated length of treatment, and answer any questions you have.


Create a 3D Digital Model of Your Mouth

The next step is to create a 3D digital model and get all your diagnostics at one of our convenient locations. You’ll be able to see precise tooth movements and the result you can expect after treatment.


C5 Orthodontic Memory Wire Bonding

Wires are precisely placed on the back of your teeth and completely customized for you. They will feel comfortable and smooth.


Watch Your Smile Transform

After one of our doctors places your wires, we’ll ask you to come in every 5-7 weeks for wire adjustments when they are needed. We’ll check in with you virtually throughout treatment using our exclusive technology so that we can time your adjustments optimally. You can be sure our orthodontist is keeping a careful eye on your case, but we eliminate unnecessary office visits to save you time.

How Long Does the C5 for Teens Treatment Take?

Alta Smiles Teen c3Every patient is unique, and so is every treatment plan. While the timeline can vary depending on the situation, most patients complete treatment after 6-9 months. Since C5 can make your teeth straighter but not correct your bite, some of our teen patients opt to shorten their time in traditional braces by aligning their teeth initially with C5 and then finishing their smile journey with braces or sometimes even with aligners. We have innovative solutions to meet your needs and achieve your ideal smile!

How Much Does C5 for Teens Cost?

The price of C5 for teens depends on a variety of factors, which can include whether C5 is needed for the top, bottom, or both arches. However, our pricing is affordable (often more affordable than aligners) and all-inclusive. The quoted costs will cover bonding, retention, and everything in between!

Our providers offer flexible financing payment options to make C5 more affordable for your family. 0% financing and payments as low as $89/month through CareCredit may be available*. Most major dental insurances are accepted, and we’ll help you maximize your orthodontic benefit.

*Pricing subject to approval and provider participation.

Is C5 Only for Teens?

No, C5 Hidden Orthodontics is a great option for many adult orthodontic cases as well! It’s ideal if you had braces in the past and your teeth have shifted or relapsed. Even patients with complicated cases often start with C5 to reduce their time in braces or aligners.

Why Our Patients Love ALTA SMILES

“With C⁵, there was no pain while my teeth were moving and my lifestyle wasn’t changed at all, so it was great.” –

“I chose C⁵ because I’m getting married in October and this was one of the quickest procedures to get my teeth straightened in that amount of time.” –

“With aligners, I was off and on, and it was hard to stay committed to them. With C⁵, it’s always there, so you don’t have to think twice about it.” –

“Nobody could notice the wires at all, and it was totally comfortable. I love my new smile – just in time for my wedding!” —

“I also considered getting braces, but I’m going into my senior year soon and I might not have had them off by then. I wanted a good portrait and didn’t want braces at the prom.

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C5 for teenagers is an exciting invisible braces-like solution that provides dramatic tooth movements without anyone noticing. Best of all, it’s completely maintenance-free and gives you a beautiful smile. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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