We know that people get conflicting messages about orthodontics. There is so much advertising about aligners, braces, etc. How do you know what’s right for you or your child?

While there is a ton of information and many opinions on the internet (some of it is accurate and some of it is baloney), we always recommend that people come see us because every smile is unique and needs to be clinically evaluated by an orthodontist using high-tech diagnostic techniques.

One thing that you can count on at ALTA SMILES is that we will give you our expert opinion at no charge and provide straight no-nonsense answers to all your question. We are always 100% focused on what is going to provide you with the best clinical outcomes.Sometimes we even have to tell someone that they had better go to another office if they insist on a method that we don’t think is right for them.

We thrive on happy, well informed patients who are as committed to their best smile as we are!