The mission at ALTA SMILES is to make high-quality orthodontic and oral care solutions more accessible and convenient through innovation and technology.

We are focused on making the lives of our patients and employees better, AND we are committed to helping others. We take a portion of revenue each year and donate to three causes that are near and dear to our hearts – and our mission! We have a very unique approach to our charitable endeavors. At the beginning of treatment each patient selects which charity they would like us to support on their behalf. So patients can take pride in their treatment knowing that they are directly helping others in need!

Read about each of the great charitable causes we actively support.

Braces for Kids in Need

Every year we see kids whose families cannot afford braces – but the child really needs them. So we provide free or discounted orthodontic care at ALTA SMILES to a select number of highly deserving patients each year.

Pet’s Tooth Fairy

Just like humans, pets need good oral health. Many pet owners cannot afford to pay for dental care for their pets, so dogs and other pets suffer when serious conditions are not treated. Pet Tooth Fairy provides free dental care to pets in need. Literally, Pet Tooth Fairy relieves suffering every day, and we are so proud to support them.

Smile Train

Smile train helps children all over the world who need oral surgery to correct disfiguring cleft palates and hair lips. It is heart breaking to see a child with these horrible conditions left untreated. To say that Smile Train changes lives is a huge understatement, and we are so fortunate to be able to financially help them in their mission.

Legal Disclaimer: ALTA SMILES is neither a partner or affiliated entity to either Pet Tooth Fairy or Smile Train. All charitable giving by ALTA SMILES is strictly discretionary.