Founded in 2019 and guided by a world-class board of advisors that includes leading investors and executives from the dental and healthcare industries, Alta Smiles is a technology and services company poised to transform the delivery of orthodontic care. Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies and methodologies untether comprehensive orthodontic care from the confines of the orthodontist’s office. This innovative approach enables dentists and their assistants to deliver all forms of orthodontic care, including C5 Hidden Orthodontics, with a high level of expertise and confidence. Alta Smiles is opening the door for more people to have amazing smiles.

The ALTA SMILES Difference

At ALTA SMILES we focus every aspect of treatment around the patient experience and delivering a higher level of care! For patients that means:

  • Highly credentialed ORTHODONTISTS and DENTISTS collaborate throughout treatment to give you an amazing smile and ensure your overall oral health
  • Convenient hours that work with your schedule
  • Affordable treatment costs with low monthly payment options
  • Faster and fewer in-person appointments due to our pioneering treatment methods and remote patient monitoring technology
  • A full suite of high-tech orthodontic treatment options – metal braces, clear braces, clear aligners, C5 Hidden Orthodontics, and more
  • A pleasant experience
Orthodontic Center - Orthodontic Care PA

At Alta Smiles locations, our friendly doctors and staff want you to enjoy the experience and feel like you’re part of our family!