ALTA SMILES was founded on the principle that high-quality orthodontic care should be accessible to everyone. By combining digital treatment planning, proprietary high-tech methods, cloud computing, exquisite training and our unique collaboration model between orthodontists and dentists, we are realizing our vision every day.

ALTA SMILES also supports the full range of orthodontic options so that providers can offer the appropriate care for every case. That includes bracket-and-wire, clear aligners, and palatal expansion (Phase I treatment). Our finely tuned solutions enable certified providers to deliver orthodontic care confidently and efficiently. These options can be used as standalone treatments or in combination with C⁵ Hidden Orthodontics for a hybrid solution.

ALTA Clear Benefits:

  • Discretion
  • Computerized modeling to determine bracket positioning
  • Super-precise tooth and bite alignment
  • Real-time visual treatment tracking
  • Suitable for all cases

The high-tech ceramic braces are translucent with no visible metal parts. These braces feature brackets with a proprietary snap-in component to hold the archwire firmly in place and avoid the need for elastics.

ALTA Tech Benefits:

  • Computerized modeling to determine bracket positioning
  • Flex-wires are super comfortable and highly effective
  • Low-profile snap-in brackets make appointments quicker
  • Real-time visual treatment tracking
  • Suitable for all cases

Braces that use stainless steel fixed-position brackets are highly effective for many orthodontic cases and provide precise tooth and bite alignments, giving patients great long-term results.

ALTA SMILES uses a unique technology-forward approach to braces that provides great results in as little time as possible, which makes patients happy.

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Clear Aligner Therapy Benefits:

  • Advanced digital imaging
  • A treatment plan is created to determine the desired final tooth positions
  • Remote patient monitoring improves patient compliance and reduces chair time

Our centralized high-tech lab provides high-quality clear aligners that are a great option for certain types of orthodontic cases. C⁵ Hidden Orthodontics can also be used as a hybrid treatment with clear aligners or complementary to aligner therapy for cases that aren’t tracking.

Palatal Expansion
(Phase I Treatment)

Phase I Treatment Benefits:

  • Alta Smiles provides a comprehensive patient assessment for Phase I treatment
  • Rapid Palate Expanders (RPEs) are digitally designed and fabricated using 3D printing technology
  • Providers place the device based on the treatment plan provided by Alta Smiles’ orthodontists
  • Proprietary remote monitoring solutions keep track of every turn, reducing patient appointments to as few as two (placement and removal)
  • Parents can “turn the screw” with total confidence and avoid unnecessary office visits

Phase I Treatment (early interceptive treatment) is fully supported with Alta Smiles collaborative and high-tech support model.

Alta Smiles takes Phase I treatment to a new level of convenience, technology, and patient satisfaction.

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