V5x™ Imaging Solutions

Alta Smiles is leading orthodontic care with our proprietary V5x Imaging Solutions.

V5x for Patients

Remote digital monitoring during orthodontic treatment is a proven way to help identify any potential issues and increase efficiency with fast and fewer appointments. It’s why we created V5x imaging solutions with an easy-to-use app and remote monitoring device that fits on a Smartphone. Patients are provided a V5x device when they start treatment. This enables them to submit diagnostic-quality images to their doctor prior to each appointment.

V5x for Providers

We created this V5x for patient monitoring and then quickly realized that doctors and their staffs loved how they could capture consistent in-office diagnostic images at the precise angles needed. No foggy occlusal mirrors or blurry images here!

Benefits of V5x Imaging Solutions

V5x offers a range of benefits for both clinicians and patients, including:

  • Allows patients and providers to take consistent, high-quality images without needing an occlusal mirror.
  • Streamlines the treatment process by providing valuable information and facilitating collaboration and treatment planning of future in-person appointments.
  • Provides convenience by freeing up valuable chair time and giving patients some of their time back by reducing unnecessary in-office appointments.
  • Allows for remote and asynchronous treatment planning while you provide the in-office treatments.
  • Provides the ability to manage the patient’s overall oral health before, during, and after orthodontic treatment.

By integrating V5x Imaging Solutions into C5 Hidden Orthodontics or our Collaborative Orthodontics Solutions, Alta Smiles is transforming the orthodontic industry and enhancing the experience for both patients and providers.

Learn more about how V5x Imaging Solutions can improve efficiencies, benefit your practice, and help patients reach their smile goals.

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