C5 Hidden Orthodontics Treatment Enhancements

Improve any orthodontic treatment experience with the completely hidden and comfortable C⁵ Hidden Orthodontics solution. C5 is effective as a standalone treatment to address mild to moderate crowding and spacing issues, but also used before, during, or after clear aligners or braces to enhance treatment. By integrating C⁵, you’ll ensure that aligner cases track properly, mid-course corrections are rare, and results increase patient satisfaction.

C5 Pre-Treatment

Start your patient with total comfort with C⁵ as a pre-treatment before braces or aligners of any brand. Light forces applied by our nitinol wires effectively and comfortably reposition the teeth without all the pain that patients often experienced with aligner therapy and braces.

How it works: C⁵ wires are placed on the back of the anterior teeth for initial straightening. After the C5 pre-aligner treatment phase, you can finish with clear aligners or braces to correct bite and posterior alignment issues. This approach:

  • Provides greater comfort – C5 gently elongates the periodontal ligament (PDL)
  • Reduces associated aligner lab fees
  • Achieves difficult tooth movements that are challenging with aligners
  • Can reduce time spent in aligners or braces by 50% or more
  • Decreases the need for or amount of interproximal reduction (IPR)

C5 Pre-Treatment Before & After

C5 Hidden Orthodontics is often used for severe rotation of maxillary lateral incisors before aligner treatment.

Other Benefits of C5 Pre-Treatment

  • Reduces or Eliminates Aligner Attachments
    Fewer (if any) aligner attachments are needed on the front teeth, which are often visible.

  • Fewer Compliance Issues
    Patient compliance tends to go down over time, prolonging treatment. However, most patients don’t get easily fatigued since there is no maintenance with C5 and aligners (or braces) are needed for a much shorter time.

  • Mid-Course Corrections Are Rare
    Since C⁵ can address anterior teeth alignment from the get-go, there’s often no need for mid-course corrections. This saves you aligner lab fees and treatment times. And this helps reduce the plastic waste with unused aligners.

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
    Patients prefer C⁵ Pre-Treatment over traditional orthodontic treatments alone. When starting with C5, the additional maintenance of braces or aligners is easier to deal with when that time is drastically reduced. With nothing in the way, patients can see progress after each adjustment appointment, which is really motivating.

  • Total Discretion
    C⁵ is completely hidden, allowing patients to show their smiles without revealing they are in orthodontic treatment. Clear braces or aligners are discreet, but they are far from hidden.

C⁵ Mid-Course Assist

Mid-course corrections become the exception rather than the rule with C5 Mid-Course Assist. By strategically placing C5 wires and patients continue to wear their existing aligner trays, you can quickly get a case back on track. All that is needed are images, the current aligner tray number, and the aligner tray number for the desired specific tooth movements. We’ll provide you with the treatment plan, lab items, and directions for C5wire placement using our proprietary techniques. This approach is ideal for many aligner issues, including difficult maxillary lateral movements. C5 Mid-Course Assist significantly saves you time and aligner fees. And, Mid-Course Assist increases patient satisfaction and keeps them motivated.

C⁵ Detailing

Providers also use C5 for the fine detailing that is often needed at the end of aligner treatment. Studies have shown that fixed appliances provide greater ability to detail cases, so with C5 detailing you can look forward to better smiles! Simply submit the necessary files and the final aligner tray number. We’ll provide you with the treatment plan, lab items, and instructions to place C5 wires. C5 helps expedite those final tooth movements with precision.

Choose C5 Hybrid Treatment Enhancements

Embrace the innovation of C⁵ for ultimate discretion, efficient anterior teeth alignment, and as part of a comprehensive treatment of complex bite correction issues. Incorporate C⁵ into your treatments to give your patients their ideal smiles with our fully custom and flexible solution.