Braces for Adults: 6 Reasons Why They Are Still the Best Choice

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Deciding to get braces as an adult is a big step – and you’re in good company. One out of three orthodontic patients is an adult, over one million people! Braces for adults are just as effective and beneficial as they are for children, and we’re here to tell you that you can get straight teeth at any age. Even people in their 80s with healthy teeth can get braces! We give you 6 reasons why braces are still the best choice for most adults.

Braces Align Your Bite and So Much More

After years of chewing, past dental work, and problems that go unaddressed, many adults need their bite adjusted. Known as malocclusion, this occurs when the upper and lower teeth come together and are unaligned. It usually worsens over time and can become uncomfortable and painful. Braces can correct underbites, overbites, incorrect jaw positioning, and overcrowded teeth. When left unaddressed, these problems can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, earaches, headaches, soft tissue injuries, and a host of other issues.

Correcting malocclusion is where braces show their strength over other options such as clear aligners. More than half of orthodontic specialists recently surveyed by a leading market research firm said that the overall clinical outcomes of aligner treatment cases are always or occasionally inferior compared to bracket-and-wire treatment cases. And, braces can address 100% of orthodontic cases, while aligners cannot.

Braces for Adults Are Efficient and Effective

Whether for children or adults, braces are a very efficient and effective treatment option. Limited treatment, when only a few teeth need to be fixed, may take as little as 3-6 months. If a comprehensive treatment plan is needed that includes straightening teeth and correcting bite, that may take up to 24 months or longer for really difficult cases. While braces earn a high mark for efficiency and effectiveness, speed should not be a priority when it comes to orthodontics!

Braces Are Less Hassle

Who has time to keep track of how long they are wearing clear aligners? They have to be worn for 22 hours a day and removed for eating and drinking (anything other than water) throughout the day. Before aligners can be reinserted, your teeth need to be brushed to avoid staining your aligners. Once braces are on, they are working for you and you don’t have to think much about them.

Braces Improve Your Appearance

Are you one of the 25% of adults who avoid smiling because of your teeth? This can also bring feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, and other adverse conditions. Braces can transform your facial appearance and give you a picture-perfect smile to show off.

Modern metal braces have come a long way with smaller brackets than in the past making them a lower profile option. If you’re conscious of the metal appearance, ceramic braces are even better and very discreet. The tooth-colored brackets and wires blend in with your teeth, so they go virtually unnoticed. In some cases, clear aligners and lingual braces are also options.

Braces Don’t Require Shaving Teeth

Did you know that your teeth may need to be shaved to fit in the clear aligner tray? This procedure is called Interproximal Reduction and it’s very common. With braces, your healthy teeth stay intact, and you don’t have to file them down.

Braces Help Improve Self-Confidence & Increase Success

For better or for worse, people with a beautiful smile have more advantages. A study in the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics indicates that people with ideal smiles are perceived as smarter and more likely to be hired for a job. In another study, straight teeth are also associated with wealth, being happier, more trustworthy, attractive, and possessing a good personality. Straight teeth can be a distinct confidence booster, and we believe braces are one of the best investments you can make.

Learn More About Braces for Adults

Braces may not be the “sexy” option, nor are they backed by the advertising of clear aligner and quick-fix orthodontics. But we know from experience that traditional metal and ceramic braces are usually the best treatment choice for orthodontic cases – even for adults. Braces for adults are actually very common, and improved technology has made braces better than ever. To learn more about how braces can give you a beautiful smile at an affordable price, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation at an ALTA SMILES location today!